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tv   [untitled]    March 10, 2015 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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you. (clapping.) >> thank you and i just wanted to make sure that i stopped by to congratulate the folks that are being honored for their commitment to making sure they support their fellow neighbors i know those fires have you know had a dennis herrera 1259 impact and my grikt in particular neighbors that step up to the plate and i was 59 a fund raiser and organizing fundraiser for reveal raffle items i appreciate the people that step up the rear deck and others and especially the folks that take advantage of the program because mostly in some cases those unite are not
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available on the market and to open our doors and give someone an opportunity to call a place month to month home during one of the most tragic times i'll ask other apartment owners or 09 people that have unit available on our doors to people that are victims in those cases it could happen to anyone of us and appreciated when anyone step up to the plate to help someone in need you want to congratulate you and thank you for the fund you're starting for the work you continue to do and finally the fire department we have one of the best fire department in the country they amount me to make sure we put those fires out in a timely manner not to negatively
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impact nor resident when they start so thank you all for being here and mr. mayor and thank you for being here (clapping). >> and now i want to present on behalf of the city of san francisco a special city insignificant ma heart i hope you'll receive it with the feeling we're in deep appreciation of the work and commitment to the city and for the audience i'd like to just say shop locally because do as much locally has possible you know be know someone that is online a barky could be the hero in the city thank you, everyone for being here i'm going to ask the supervisors to help me do
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the pinning and if the chief could help i want to make sure i acknowledge the san francisco fire commission i know you're helping just making sure that we do all the right things in the city continually
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goorndz thank you very much on behalf of the city of san francisco
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adjourned. >> it is been an honor to work with mayor ed lee over the couple of years both as supervisor and now as president of the board i want to emphasize two areas i'm particularly proud of our work on omaha and our work on public safety together mayor ed lee and i have invested $5.4 million in incredible elevator repair at 9 inform public housing sites and also secured 2 pointed $5 million to refusal over one hundred and 60 public unit housing for families just recently we launched a rental assistance demonstrates and with concert julian to transform san francisco's publicity u public housing the rad fireman is significant and
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will allow san francisco is leverage $800 million in investment eligibility and $5200 million from our city to rehabilitate over 4 thousand 5 hundred units of public housing unit for over 5 thousand 4 hundred residents this will be one of the biggest public housing improvements in our country i can tell you from experience the residents needed it i'm so proud of the mayor and public housing is affordable housing and mayor ed lee and i are working to build both on public safety it has been a privilege to work with the mayor to put over 3 hundred new police officers on our streets in the next two years and (clapping.) you can clap for that and the poles are change in
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terms of public safety over the next year address the ambulance crisis by hiring dozens of now pharmacies and emts and plaza 9 now ambulances in service yesterday, i he was proud to join the mayor in introducing the city's 10 year capital explain that inxirwa 32 employed in citywide infrastructure investment over the next deek and beyond this plan will help create better hospitals, roads, muni services and parks while protecting the city from kwaektd fire and for the first time ever sea level rise i'll tell you the process is the perfect case study of ed lee's leadership he always make sure that san francisco succeed by working together focusing on the details and anticipating the challenges
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and allocating the resources to meet the challenges. i can go on and on about the leadership on transportation and the historic number of new light rail trains we have or his ability to convince the private sector blooib like kaiser permanente and google and facebook to invest millions of dollars with a record low 3.8 percent unemployment rate he's inwavering in his push to make sure that every recipe has the district of a job instead i will give any ladies and gentlemen my honor to introduce the leader, the planner at man behind the mustache mayor ed lee
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(clapping.) >> wow. london that is such a nice introduction need you say more shall i get off and let you take pictures of the world series let me just add something that i know is nor'easter to london heart and to me and so many of you martin luther king day london and commissioner cohen and several others of supervisors joined me and mark bev half hour and hydra mendosa our education group joined some 50 students to watch the movie selma and our intent was not just to see the film but to have a
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communication with our student leaders in san francisco after that film london and i had a special lunch with mr. benny hoff and several others one the requests that came out from the students themselves in our campaigns with them in trying to ascertain from them what do question e they want out the city what can we do to work with them to make sure they understand that we are working for their success we want their talent to come out and to be supportive and to be initiative in our city and because of all the national and local xhfktsdz regarding everything from police brutal so discriminates clearly that was the topic of the day we asked our students to comment on that
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they told us not only did they feel that there was tension but they also felt that we need more public safety officers and police officers that look like them and recognize who they are and can work in the community with youth as they grew up and know them by hair first names and understand where they are and hang out with them so they can utility that all custodies don't have a background that will be challenging to public safety issues and so we began conversations about something that hadn't had an opportunity in our city for over 10 years a cat detective program that recruits kids after high school that prepares them
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for possible candidacy in the polygamists academy i know my staff never wants me to announce something that's not pesticide but we'll have a police officer indicate detective program in san francisco because of those youth (clapping.) so all good news i want to begin that that along with standing besides 3 world series trophies that excited me to no ends i'll take our pictures alongside when i go and meet with the u.s. conference of mayors i can introduce myself of the mayor of 3 world series champion who get into a well deserved conversation about what we're doing as mayors san francisco is growing leading the way in our region and in the
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country 2, 3, 4 job growth and london said we enjoy a 3.8 percentage employment rate it proves our economic policies are working and just 3 years to the years of into custody to 2013 we created 76 thousand new jobs in san francisco we're growing faster than any major city in the u.s and i know a lot of the business sectors get credit but we've seen job growth in construction and hometown and health care as well as technology those sectors provide good jobs with our minimum wage increase the most proving in the country even more of our resident will be in a position to benefit from
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our city's success i love coming to the city's beat breakfast it allows me to hear what people are thinking about this year results match from my understanding of business london breed's and employees from our city most people believe that our city is moving in the right direction and the quality of life in our neighborhood is improving but residents are anxious their anxious about their future they want to make sure that the success of the city will result in the success of them as well so perhaps we see this month visibly and individually across around the cost of living specifically around housing costs you know i've also said the biggest diversified in our economy is between those are who have a job and those that don't
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we can agree that having a stable place to live in the city is a close second that's why i'm focused on dining to address the housing needs for all san franciscans that's why we are working together to address the crisis created by years of under this i'm sure you're aware of i've been committed to building thirty thousand unit of housing when i 2020 with 1/3rd affordable and others affordable to middle-income families we're on our way with over 4 thousand units in 2014 and over 5 thousand expected this year to be delivered we have built more homes this past year than in 2012 and 2013 combined this is a process we need to do more let me be clear with you
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when we are in the midst of a housing crisis you don't slow down production you find ways to speed it along we've done that by cutting out red tape and having affordable housing project but as construction of those housing united are underway too many of our residents are fearful of the future many families worry about their ability to stay here in the long term i'm committed toe keeping san franciscans in san francisco and we have a number of programs that will help us do that. >> so the next steps towards chief the goal we're keep the residents in their homes and helping resident buy their rent control shlgz or expand the down payment assistance so it people can see homeownership and we're
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investing $100 million from ash retirement fund over the next 10 years helping one hundred and 50 first time home buyers over the years we'll he said spake active evictions whether in partnership with the friends of the state legislator we must stop speck later from flipping buildings creating a new investment fund with our private and be philanthropic folks to have purchase lands for rehab housing and leverage our public lands and public surplus goods for the middle-class we'll identify the sites for at least 4 thousands unit by 20/20 forcible to middle-class and low income families and go back to our
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voter for another affordable housing market this november supporting our ambition plans to allow for acquisition roanoke city construction of homelands for low and middle-income families as you can see my platform rests both on building and preservation we can't be a city for all if we don't build for you'll but we won't remain a city that with are if we can't keep our resident in place as was grow we have the opportunity to leverage the successful times to bring housing online and to fund our format goals we can't settle for anything less and as our city continues to grow we will invest in transportation and in that network that moves our residents
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around the city and 2, 3, 4 region affordably and efficiently awhile it's encouraging the chambers pole show that people are happy with muni and bart we cannot fall behind in our work to equally prove on the transportation system thanks to google last year, we created $3 million for our low income youth and this year 3 free muni for low income seniors and people with sdablgdz ridership is up thanks to the transportation bond passed last nova we're secured the funding inform improve that network as well as make our streets safer we'll complete $13 million of our high injury street networks bringing us clorgs to our vision zero goals with this time of prosperity it's our chance to think big and
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regional together we must usher or work to insure we have a truly regional transportation system we've made investment in our high speed rail and transbay transit center electrification of conflicts and metropolitan central subway we must now invest in a second subway this will insure our region overlook workforce has cease to regional jobs and second transbay will allow our high speed rail to sacramento and will stand our xaltd capacity jobs while relieving pressures on san franciscan this project can't take thirty years we must work together to come out through the bureaucracy leverage offhand u funds from every possible source
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and get this transbay two built our region overlook economy depends on that it we all know that how's and infrastructure are not enough when we think about the health of our cities and community we realize there are still too many people that are homeless on our streets in need of housing and too many in our system that haven't been to find a way up and out we can't and will not snelt this year the status quo we'll work together to lift the families up 0 insure they share in the success of our city so we're launching a navigation program a navigation center in the mission district this is an innovative idea in the first in the nation and hours the people at the site and quickly move them into permanent rooms roanoke city
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centers and other locations they begin to lead stable lives with wrap around services and a chance to turn their lives around we'll support those in need with a program called project 5 hundred the layers light focus on immense resources wrap around services in case management with outcomes for the individuals and families at our forefront we will look at and find the least 5 hundred of our most at risk families and give them meaningful pathways out of powerful thanks to our leadership with hud we're investing in our public haurgz housing and building stronger community for the fit we're urging resources like debt financing and the low income tax credits to complete
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the delipidated housing unit this is the ferries in the nation i know it will be successful and we will continue to be inspired to work with our great philanthropic leaders if some is a world-class city with a world-class heart i'm excited to co-host the most philanthropic superbowl in the history that takes place in the bay area next year the dominos from this event will help support many, many family we'll continue to celebrate those who have path the way south shlgsz the greats like don fishing and the golden man's and those institutions that are great leaders in our
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city giving year after year like ida b. wells and union a bank and bank of america and the gap we look to our new 21st century philanthropic leaders like mark zuckerberg and dr. pricilla chan for the record breaking depends on to our general hospital to the conway doojs to u678s and mark and ben new hatch for homeless families and education that brings us to the point of announcements for today education investment like marks investment is most relevant for the discussion all about talent the students in our public schools relevant the different off our
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city if their caught and prepared forces the 21st century workforce they'll help to diverse our public and private workforce making it stronger than ever the city has taken unprecedented steps to increase our investment in pubs public schools and children and family we'll continue that investment voters just authorized the children's and the public education be enrichment funds lou gehrig's disease us to allocate hundreds of millions to through served folks in mr. sharp that superintendent carranza and the school district we'll continue to explore and invest in young people's cease to science and technology and market and in merntdships liking life skills training to criteria
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opportunity particularly where my middle school initiative and that's correct to the support of united way as well as so many hundreds of local bhrz last year, we reached our goal in providing over 7 thousand 6 hundred paid jobs and internships to our youth to our youth plus initiative we're centralizing our philanthropic partnerships to advance the opportunity for youth especially for boys and girls of color last october we show cased our call to action inform president obama my brothers keepers challenge are are the secretary of education and 12rub9 superintendent carranza. >> philanthropic sf foundation fred black we will and here in san francisco we're calling it
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my brothers and my sisters keeper and adopting the 6 overarching goals to insure our boys and girls have the resources the community support and the opportunities they need to succeed we'll also been working to develop a jobs pipeline that focuses on knowledge and skill development we want to make sure that all our students are educated to take advantage of the opportunities our city office today, i'm proud to join the san francisco chamber of commerce to announce this calculation call unity sf what a lovely name this will bring together partners around the goals one hundred percent graduation and seas and support to achieve higher education and pauthsdz to sustainable jobs and
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caesar's careers united sf and committed partners will leverage the partners and work in calculation with the business leaders i know we have the talent many of them in this room to help our students succeed everyone can come together and bring our lines and resources together to find real solutions that will forgive your students and city a bright future we're taking our first collaboration with support with this new initiative has been overwhelming i want to peron thank my education council especially superintendent carranza what hospital show that tremendous supporting for united 70 that excludes landlord from our city
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college and amps and uc heather's the university of san francisco and the university of the patrick and golden state university many are here to unit with us i'd like them all to stand up if we can give them a special hand of applause to applaud them what they do everyday to help our children and youth please stand up our education leader (clapping) i would also like to thank automobile nonprofit like united way and beyond 12 and year up to invest in our youth finally a special thank you to san francisco chamber of commerce and their board president and their president ceo bob for taking the lead on
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this important effort and strategize education well, i've said it before and i'll continue to say education is the best involvement of investment into our future and our chamber foundation will unit and keep education a priority 0 that san francisco students are prepared for careers here 90 in san francisco and prosper here together to make sure that everyone shares in the city's prosperity with that, let's take a picture the trophies together and let's get back to work thank you very much